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49th Science Fiction Marathon - Jan. 19-20, 2024

More information will be released as we get closer to the Marathon itself. Updates will be announced on our Facebook page @CWRUFilms as well as through the 49th Annual Sci-Fi Marathon Facebook event page found here.

Here is the current schedule:

Friday, January 19
8:00pmSpider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023, PG, DCP)
10:50pmAlphaville (1965, Not Rated, DCP)
Saturday, January 20
12:45amSurprise 1 (????, PG-13, 35mm)
2:35amCube (1997, R, 35mm)
4:20amZardoz (1974, R, DCP)
6:20amDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941, Passed, 35mm)
8:45amInvaders From Mars (1953, Not Rated, DCP)
10:20amThe Three Stooges Meet Hercules (1962, Approved, TBA)
12:05amThe Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002, PG-13, TBA)
1:55pmSurprise 2 (????, PG-13, DCP)
4:25pmThe Satellite Girl and Milk Cow (2014, Not Rated, Digital)
6:10pmTBA (TBA, ?, TBA)
8:10pmSurprise 3 (????, PG-13, 35mm)
10:50pmAsteroid City (2023, PG-13, DCP)

Be sure to check the 49th Annual Science Fiction Marathon Facebook Event for the most recent information.

See below or click the movie title for more detailed descriptions.