CWRU Film Society home

Renovations 2000

The CWRU Film Society installed a new screen and speakers during the summer of 1999 in Strosacker auditorium. This summer, we are installing new projectors in order to provide an even better viewing experience.

The Film Society is replacing their Bauer U2 35/70mm projectors, which have been in use for over 20 years. We are installing Century Model JJ 35/70mm projectors with 4kw Xetron consoles.

The new (they're used, but NEW to us!) projectors will give us a brighter screen image and allow for the Film Society to easily mount digital reader heads to the projectors. (The Bauers were constructed in the 1940s when MONO was King and they hadn't thought of this technology yet.)

In addition, we are hoping to have the time to install a Dolby CP-200 Cinema processor which will give us clearer sound quality and equalization. This will eventually be upgraded to SR and, hopefully, Dolby Digital!!!

More renovations...

Bulb and Reflector Lamphousing Jim and the projector
This is where the bulb and reflector are for the projector. Jim dismantling the projectors.
Empty Lamphousing projection booth
Look! The bulb is gone! The 16mm projector in the booth.
Jeff and the projector projection booth
Jeff figuring out how to get the project apart. The sound system and the empty spot where a projector used to sit.
Jeff and the projector too storage closet
Jeff is disconnecting the wiring on the projector. Here's a photo of our crowded storage area where we are temporarily storing our new projectors.
Open projector Matt and the rectifier
Hey, now that we got it open, where is that part?? Matt storing the rectifier in a closet.
Matt and the rectifier Reels
Matt removing the rectifier. All those reels for the projector.