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Renovations (What we did on our summer vacation)

The CWRU Film Society is renovating Strosacker Auditorium in order to provide an even better viewing experience. Replacing the screen and the 3 main speakers behind the screen was one of the first steps.

Future renovations include building a new concession stand and adding more speakers.

July 24, 1999

So we gathered on a Saturday morning...

Jeff twisting wire Pulling to the balcony
First we had to unreel 500 ft. of speaker wire and twist it together out on the quad. We did this for 5 pairs of wire. So now we've got 10 lengths of 500 ft. of wire all twisted and we need to get it upstairs to the projection booth.
More wire twisting A long way down
The wire ran from Bingham all the way down to the Pardee demolition site. So we're pulling the wire from the ground floor to the balcony.
Charley helping twist wire Matthew taping the strands together
Charley helping the wire along. Matthew is taping the strands together.
Bringing the wire in All that wire snaking around the upstairs lobby
Then we had to haul all that wire into Strosacker. All the extra length is snaking around the balcony lobby area.
New speaker  
Oooh....Aaaahhhh.....Look at that giant new speaker!  

Once all of the wire was upstairs, it was was snaked into the projection booth and pulled through conduit up above Strosacker auditorium and down back behind the screen.

Whew! That was a lot of work. The next project day, Monday, July 26, 1999.