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Response to Standard Parking Ticketing

Posted August 28, 2018

Dear Patrons,

We have received numerous complaints recently about Standard Parking ticketing cars in Lot 44 while Film Society has showings. We just want to say that you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY THESE TICKETS.

All we ask is you reach out to us at the contact us page on the Film Society website,, with your ticket number, the day you received the ticket, and preferably a picture of the ticket itself. We will reach out to Standard Parking and void your ticket as soon as possible afterwards.

Please note that we are only helping with Standard Parking tickets in Lot 44 during Film Society Showings. If you have received a ticket elsewhere on campus, or recieved a ticket in Lot 44 at a time other than Film Society showings, we are NOT able to void those tickets.

We are trying to work with Standard Parking currently to alleviate this problem and to make sure that this does not happen moving forward.

Thank you and sorry for any inconveniences.

The CWRU Film Society