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Renovations 2000

Tuesday, July 18, 2000.

Moving the new projectors into the booth.

Irene standing in front of the lifter we rented to help lift the projectors into the booth. The booth floor is about 4 ft. above the 2nd floor lobby. Kevin, Charley, and Jeff study the door and how best to maneuver the projector into place.
Kevin waiting in the booth with the projector part way in. Charley and Matt holding up one end of the projector.
Hooray! We've got one projector in. Jeff, Charley, Matt, Kevin, and Gabe pose for posterity. Matt and Charley moving the 2nd projector from the closet to the entrance of the booth.
Gabe helping to maneuver the 2nd projector on to the lifter. A shot from the other side. Jeff and Charley maneuvering the 2nd projector on to the lifter.
Charley and Matt lifting the 2nd projector into the booth. Jeff and Matt maneuvering the 2nd projector in the booth.
The 2nd projector in the booth with Matt. The lifter in the doorway to the booth.

More renovations on July 25, 2000.