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Renovations (What we did on our summer vacation part IV)

The CWRU Film Society is renovating Strosacker Auditorium in order to provide an even better viewing experience. Replacing the screen and the 3 main speakers behind the screen was one of the first steps.

Future renovations include building a new concession stand and adding more speakers.

August 4, 1999

We're almost done...

Andrea and Peter Jim and Brian
Andrea and Peter in front of the newspaper covered speakers. The speakers were covered so that the shiny connectors and cables could be spray-painted black. The shiny parts would show through the screen since the screen is actually perforated with millions of tiny holes. The screen was slowly unrolled and hooked into place.
Brandon and Jeff Ed
Brandon and Jeff are covering more shiny parts with black tape. Ed is lifting one of the black masking boards used to cover the edges of the screen so you don't see the holes and the cording.
Jeff Attaching the masking board
Jeff is pulling the new screen out of the shipping tube. The masking board is lifted up and screwed into place.
Unroll the screen Kevin
The screen was stood up on one end and unwrapped. Kevin screwing the masking board in place.
Brandon, Audrey, Ed  
There are holes along the edge of the screen. A bungee cord strung in a frame has hooks which are attached to the edge of the screen.  

Hooray! We're done with phase 1!

Check out the concession stand construction.